In the 20th century, Henry Ford envisioned two cars in every garage in the United States. Moreover, you could have those cars in any colour you wanted as long as the colour was black. As we find our way in the 21st century, however, the garages begin to fill with both cars and scooters. This article will provide 3 reasons as to why we should use scooters.

1. Easier To Ride

The first reason why we should use scooters – and we’re talking about the fuel-driven scooters, not push scooters – is that they are easier to ride than motorcycles. As a lighter and more easily manoeuvrable vehicle, scooters can navigate roads more efficiently than a heavy motorcycle. Furthermore, scooters do not present with gears or a clutch making it easier to learn to ride and removing any distractions from ‘driving’.

Scooters are also much easier to ride than learning to ride a bicycle. As your feet do not need to pedal and only need to rest on the flat floorboard, you can enjoy the trip and conserve energy. The flat floorboard is also protected by the front fairing meaning that your feet are protected from blowing wind.

2. A Powerful And Well-Balanced Ride

In the majority of cases, the scooter is much powerful and well-balanced than a person would imagine. Despite its small size, it is possible to carry both an operator and a passenger with some baggage on a scooter. Of course, the level of haulage does depend on the type of scooter, the size of the scooter, and the size of the people or amount of baggage.

Scooters have a much smaller size than other more traditional vehicles. While they do not have the convenience of transporting multiple people, there is the ability to go places that other vehicles may not be able to. This makes the scooter a much more appealing choice when size is an important factor in your travels.

3. Reasonable Pricing

While scooters are not as inexpensive as most bicycles, they are not as costly as the majority of motorcycles. Popular sports retailers mark an average price of scooters at $4,500, which is a particularly good price considering the advanced features and resale value of these items. Of course, if you are searching for a more advanced scooter with a top brand name then the price will be greater. For example, the Vectrix brand ranges from $11,000 and above while the Vino starts below $2,000.

As can be seen, there are various reasons why a person should opt for a scooter including the power of the ride, the cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Unfortunately, the helmet does make a person look ‘silly’, but this good value for money would make silly appearances worth the trade-off.

If you are looking for an exciting way to explore Vancouver, then try exploring the city by scooter the next time you are here. A scooter is a more maneuverable and smaller vehicle that will allow you to see parts of the city that you could never have in a traditional vehicle.

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