One of the things that most people wonder about a rental car is whether they need to wash it before they return it. Although it is not a necessary thing, it may help you to know that washing a rental vehicle may save you from cleaning fees when you return the car. All of us like to sit and travel in a clean and well-maintained vehicle. Most rental cars are often used for long-distance travel, which means people will spend a lot of time inside the car. It is ideal for them to have a clean and sanitary environment. Many Vancouver car rental companies expect you to return their vehicle in a reasonably clean condition. If the interiors are too soiled or dirty, the rental company may charge you cleaning fees which can be a lot of money and you may regret not cleaning the vehicle on your accord which may have cost you much less. In general, if you have rented a vehicle and wish to save on cleaning fees, here are some tips:

  • A rental car means that you have a higher responsibility to use it carefully. Any kind of spilling or damage occurring on the car means that you will have to incur heavy cleaning and restoring charges.
  • If you are travelling with family that comprises of younger kids, it is advisable to have a training mat (available in any pet store) to be used on the seats so that any kind of spills do not damage the seat directly.
  • Make sure to keep a specially assigned garbage bag to get rid of any trash so that your car stays clean.
  • You can also stock up to tissues and wet wipes to wipe off spills.
  • If you are visiting a slightly warm and sunny place with your vehicle, make sure to find shade to park your vehicle. You can also ask for a vehicle cover from your car rental company if your car is going to be in a sunny spot for extended hours.
  • Use only recommended quality of gas for your rental vehicle.
  • Before you rent a vehicle, it is best to inquire about the return policy. Many companies require you to return the vehicle after a proper cleaning. Check if your car company requires it.

In general, it is best to take all the necessary precautions and care to return your rental vehicle in the condition it was in when you rented it. In case of damage due to external factors like weather, let your rental company know about them so that they can make the necessary arrangements. If you are looking for a rental car in Vancouver, contact Access Rent a Car for the best prices and range of models to choose from. Access Rent a Car is Vancouver’s best place to rent all kinds of cars for short and long term usage. You can also avail special weekend deals and discounts for weekend rentals.

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