As of December 16th ,2022, Access Rent A Car is proud to announce that we now rent Luxury and Exotic Vehicles. We have worked hard on ensuring the best vehicles for our guests and creating a convenient but memorable car rental experience with our company. Over the years, we have focused on more popular vehicle categories but now we are adding Exotic car rental and Luxury car rental to ensure all guests can find a vehicle to their liking. Some vehicles names to mention are Porsche, Bentley, Audi and Mercedes G63. Whether you are on the vacation of a lifetime or just here for Business, Access Rent A Car wants to help you have the experience of a lifetime. Cruise the Sea to Sky in a luxury Carrera 911 or a convertible Audi R8. If you want something more relaxed and refined, a Bentley Continental or a G63 Mercedes can give you the experience you are looking for. The beautiful province of British Colombia has many hidden gems and what better way to experience them than with an Exotic car rental or Luxury Car rental with Access.

Access Rent A Car didn’t stop there when trying to ensure all our guests have a vehicle option to their liking. For those that know and love electric vehicles we are pleased to announce that we can provide Tesla Model X rentals. This go anywhere electric SUV is perfect for travelling around BC , which happens to be the second biggest user of electric vehicles after California. This means that the infrastructure in the city of Vancouver and province of BC is capable of allowing electric vehicle rental. If you are planning on heading to Whistler for a ski day, The Tesla Model x is a perfect solution for the EV enthusiasts with its 500km range and fast charge capability.

Thanks to our Partners at Drive Motorsport, We are now able to give guests the best possible experience. Our process is simple. If you are interested in renting a luxury vehicle or a exotic vehicle, go to our reservation page of our website to check the availability of your desired car. All these vehicles do require 24 hours advance booking notice. If you are looking for a specific vehicle type, we do cater to special requests which you can call us or email all your information in order for us to best cater to your needs. ” We deliver cars” and this goes without saying, we deliver one of the best services in the Downtown area. If you are staying in the Downtown Vancouver Area, please ask your hotel concierge about our service as we deliver vehicles to Hotels for no additional fee.

Luxury Car rental

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