As the weather gets colder, road conditions can be affected and can create a difficult driving situation if you are not prepared. Below, we have prepared 4 quick tips to help keep you safe and secure on the road this winter. Despite these great tips it is important that you keep in mind, when getting ready to head out on the road, that you should listen to your instincts. If you do not feel comfortable getting behind the wheel, do not do it. Here are four tips for driving this winter:

  1. Rent from a reputable source

If you are renting a car, make sure you are renting it from a reputable company like Access Rent a Car. Renting from a reputable company ensures that the tires are in good condition and the right ones for the weather you will encounter. It can be tempting to go with the cheapest option on the market sometimes but when you are driving a car there are many variables at play. In order to ensure you are safe and have a good experience, you should go with the company you can trust the most.

  1. Check the road conditions online

Before you enter your car and start driving, make sure to check the weather conditions online. Prepare yourself for the road ahead by checking for information on road conditions as well. Look for warnings online regarding traffic conditions and what you can expect on the road ahead of you.

  1. Listen for local news

Be sure to check the local news before heading out and speak to other people in the community. If you have friends or family that live in the area and might have driven recently, don’t be afraid to ask them about how the roads are! If they have driven the route you are about to drive recently they could provide some accurate information regarding road conditions. The local news is often prepared and ready to warn the community of any serious weather conditions.

  1. Look for road markings

Drive carefully and look for road markings on the streets. Do not just trust your GPS or phone to provide the most up to date and relevant data. If your GPS is telling you to go one way but there is a clear marking saying otherwise or the road is closed you should avoid it. If you find yourself in heavy snow conditions, drive extra carefully and take extra caution when looking for road markings as they could be hidden or more difficult to see.

Hopefully these tips help you along your way to becoming a safe driver on the roads, no matter what the conditions are. With so many variables possible on the street it is important that you keep yourself informed on all the information available to you. If you are ever looking for a car rental that you can trust to keep you safe on the road this winter, do not hesitate to contact Access Rent a Car, the hippest Vancouver car rental service.

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