Most Canadians prefer to travel across the country on the road. It is easy to see why, each region has its own spectacular beauty that is best enjoyed by exploring at your own pace in a car. For those in BC, it can’t get any better. There is a wide choice of scenic trips from fishing, boating and camping to hikes and trails up north where you can learn all about the First Nations culture in places like the Ksan Historical Village and Museum. You can choose to go on a hike to the Seven Sisters Peaks and Park, look around for grizzly bears or look out for unmatched views all along the drive. From waterfalls, beaches and golf courses, Canada offers it all.

Road trips are also way more affordable than a flight. You don’t have restrictions on luggage either. Just pack along your essentials, take your bicycle or paddleboard if you need to, choose a convenient time and drive out. Once you reach your destination, you don’t need to look around for public transport. Just explore at your convenience.

To make the most of your road trip, it is important to plan well and take a few safety measures to keep it stress-free. Here is a checklist from the travel and tourism professionals in Vancouver: Access Rent-a-Car.

5 Tips for a Successful Road Trip

1. Reserve your Room: Make sure you make your hotel room or camp reservations well in advance. Last minute lodging is hard to find in the peak season and if you do, prices could hike up. Popular summer camps are booked months in advance. It is essential you have a place to stay when you reach your destination to avoid hassles.
2. Safety Check: Ensure your car is in good shape for the long haul. Check your brakes, the windshield wiper fluid and oil. Make sure the seat belts clip on firmly, the indicators are working well and tire pressure is adequate. Auto Insurance does not cover maintenance failures. Safety-check is a must before you drive out with your family.
3. Plan Your Route: A GPS is good, but carry a map as a backup in case it lets you down. Sometimes roads are traffic-clogged and require you to detour. It’s fun to get lost and discover unknown places along the way but not when you have a wailing child in the backseat.
4. Pack Snacks: Pack along some non-perishable snacks along with your sandwiches and coffee such as cookies. Take advantage of eateries en route, especially if you have dietary restrictions, so you are not ravenous along a stretch that is far from civilization.
5. Carry Enough Cash: When you are on holiday, be prepared for emergencies. Carry enough cash for tollways, buying farm produce from rural vendors and getting you out of unexpected situations such as car breakdowns. You can’t rely on your card alone. Also carry a spare key, spare tyre, and emergency medical kit.

Vancouver Rent-a-Car

The best way to be on the road for hours without worries is by renting a car from a reliable source. Access Rent-a-Car in the Vancouver Area offers great rates for the vehicle of your choice. We offer a wide variety from compact cars to spacious minivans. Whether you are
travelling solo or with your family, we make sure your summer road trip is one to remember for years to come. If you are undecided about what you want, let us know your travel plans. Our helpful staff is happy to lend a hand!

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