You might feel overwhelmed by the abundance of selections available to choose from when you need to rent a car. Often, the model and make of the vehicle can significantly affect your experience with it. Some of the most popular options are full-size and premium rental cars. Choosing between a premium or full-size rental vehicle has always been a big debate. It ultimately comes down to some key points that you should not ignore. Although you can use either for similar purposes, there are some crucial differences to take note of if you are struggling to pick.

Rental Purpose
People rent cars for many reasons – from wedding day transportation to road trips. You should ask yourself first why you are using it to help you decide between a full-size and premium model. If you are going on a family trip across the country, for example, it may be best to rent a full-size car. That is because it offers much more space and features like safety locks and air conditioning that makes it ideal if you have a large group of people with you. It is also important to note that full-size vehicles have much more storage space than premium ones.

Premium cars have a noticeably different purpose to full-size vehicles. Those yearning to rent a premium car usually are looking for a stylish model for a business trip or special occasion. The comfort of these cars are also much higher than with traditional full-size models, but storage size might be smaller.

One of the best things about renting with a trusted car company is that all of their vehicles are checked for safety before they are rented out. You can feel confident that you are getting a car that places your safety as a priority. Although, full-size models are known for their safety features, which is why large families or groups rent them. With that in mind, you can look out for sturdy doors, safety locks, and a bigger bumper when you are renting a full-size car.

Premium cars are still safe to drive, as any high-quality rental company will not have an unsafe vehicle in their fleet. But, these vehicles do not have as many safety features as a full-size car. If you want to rent a car to take clients out or for other short distance endeavours, then added safety features might not matter as much anyway. These features come in handy during a long road trip or driving on rougher terrain like a backroad.

It is no secret that full-size cars will cost less to rent than premium ones. Premium vehicles typically include the latest models of luxury brands. If you need to rent a vehicle for a longer distance, it may be best to rent a full-size one since your upfront cost will remain much lower than if you choose a premium model.

Another thing you should consider is the other costs associated with renting a car, like insurance and gas. Insurance prices are likely going to be higher for premium models, but you could also end up spending less money on gas. That is because full-size vehicles are usually not as fuel efficient, so you could end up paying more overall on gas.

While safety and cost are what people think of most when renting a car, you should not ignore comfort. Premium cars will offer an unrivalled experience of luxury. It comes with options for heated and comfortable seating, making them it ideal for people who want a ride that will provide somewhere to relax during their drive.

With full-size models; however, you will likely get more space, which means you can have more leg room. More full-size cars are even starting to incorporate features like screens onto the backs of its seats, blurring the line between practical and luxury between full-size and premium vehicles.

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