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Did you know that around 76,000 people are injured each year in a car accident during snowfall or on icy roads? The importance of winter safety cannot be understated, especially during Canada’s, especially harsh winters. Actively taking preventive and cautionary measures to protect yourself on the road is of vital importance. One of the most effective forms of automobile safety during the winter is winter tires. Winter tires are proverbial for their rider safety enhancement, but there are also several additional benefits to owning them.

Unsure whether to pick up a set before snowfall hits? Check out Access Rent A Car’s key benefits you can expect from winter tires for your car.

Efficient AWD Performance

All-wheel drive performance from winter tires is extremely enhanced in most vehicle types. Contemporary car models are now equipped with even more advanced, precise and fast-responding AWD systems than before. The AWD systems in vehicles now respond to low-traction situations with the efficient response for optimal safety of the rider and allowing them to remain in control of the situation. At Access Rent A Car, each of our vehicles is equipped with AWD and have winter tires installed ready for the wintertime. Your safety in our vehicles is our priority and having proper winter tires for the season, especially in Vancouver, gives the AWD system a sufficient grip for maximum effectiveness.

No Compromises

It’s crucial to seek out a trusted, reputable Vancouver rental car company with sound vehicles that can accommodate to where you want to go and what you’d like to do. Looking to sightsee the beautiful west coast in the wintertime? Or need to rent a vehicle for business meetings and require a reliable vehicle? Winter tires have a tread design that is specifically designed for snow and ice in negative temperatures. Completely compromise-free, drivers that rent our vehicles with winter tires will notice the increased traction when the car accelerates and the ability to have more control and stability at accelerated speeds. All-season tires are designed for heat and slightly cold temperatures but are insufficient in protecting against ice, slush, and snow. Access Rent A Car wants you to enjoy cold-climate driving without the worry of lack of grip and sliding. With our advanced vehicles and winter tires, you’ll enjoy your ride with complete peace of mind.

Efficient On Dry Roads

Winter tires are not only suitable for ice, slush, and snowy road conditions, but for dry roads as well. Hardened all-season tires have very little traction on snow and even dry roads during the cold seasons. Soft, flexible winter tires have increased traction which works more effectively on dry roads as well.

Whether you desire a comfortable minivan for the whole family or luxury vehicle for a solo trip, Access Rent A Car has an inventory of amazing options for you. Our Vancouver rental car has a straightforward, easy reservation process to allow you to have access to the vehicle sooner! Send us a message or give us a call to learn more about our premium, sound vehicles today!