Spring is the most wonderful time to start planning or go on an actual road trip. Whether you enjoy the sugar bush festival or are looking forward to enjoying the drive itself, there is no denying that safety is the most crucial aspect of any road trip. Here are a few tips to ensure that you make the most out of your spring road trip without compromising your safety.

Caution while driving at night
Many road trips will have significant night journey. Thankfully, during the spring, you may still be able to enjoy natural light until around 8:00 PM. However, as it gets darker, it is essential to exercise caution. Before starting your journey, ensure that your blinkers, headlights and high-beams are working properly. If you are going to drive in dark for a longer duration, make sure that you have someone to talk to and give you company. Maintain extra distance between vehicles at night to be safe. Make stops to give yourself a break.

Seat belts
Seat belts are one of the most important safety measures. Buckle your seat belt and adjust it such that it snug fits. Do not compromise or be cavalier when it comes to safety measures.

Seat Recline
Although this goes without saying, you would be amazed to know so many drivers simply drive with the wrong seat adjustments, making them prone to accidents. Long distance driving can understandably take a toll on your back. Because of that, many drivers choose to drive by reclining their seat a notch. This can greatly affect your vision of traffic and your safety. Never recline your chair too far back while driving.

Road trip safety check
Apart from checking your blinkers and headlights as mentioned before, another critical safety check is the tires, gas, lubricants, water for wiper blades, etc. Make sure that your tires are well inflated and do not have poor treads. Make sure your gas tank is full so you will not need to make an urgent stop for refuelling anytime soon. Carry extra wiper fluid if needed. Make sure you have a first aid kit in your car for any kind of emergencies.

Most long-distance travel needs you to be connected to a GPS via your phone or car’s integrated GPS. It is best to avoid operating any GPS equipment or mobile phone when driving. If you need to check the route or doubt something between driving, have your fellow traveller check it for you. Never focus on any kind of eating, drinking or using electronic equipment when driving as it can result in serious accidents.

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